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Volunteer Recognition


"I want to personally thank all of our volunteers who help make PSM a force of good in the communities we serve. Each of you is making a difference. THANK YOU!

~ Teri Ketchum, CEO

Tracey Kyles
Tracey Kyles

"Tracey Kyles helped upgrade the look of our website to what you see today. Her talent and design ideas moved us forward with a new look to better tell the PSMJax story and how YOU can get involved."

-- Teri Ketchum, CEO

Tracey Kyles

Tracey is a native Floridian who recently returned from Tennessee to her hometown of Jacksonville.

She is experienced in graphic design, media buying, strategic communication, brand management, logo design, web design, and media management.

At the tender age of 22, she opened her own business.

She holds a Master's degree in Communication Management and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Communications.

Visit her website or email at or call 931.220.5371.

Alexis J. Brothers (USN)

Alexis and crew
Alexis5 (Mobile).jpg

Alexis Brothers generously gave of her time to PSM while stationed at the Naval Station Mayport. In this photo you see Alexis and 3 other US Navy personnel delivering mattresses donated by Helix Sleep, one of PSM's corporate partners.

Alexis not only volunteered on numerous occasions, but she also recruited and coordinated the other Navy personnel that accompanied her.

AO1 (SW/SW) Alexis J. Brothers was awarded the Military Oustanding Volunteer Service Medal for her positive contribution,  which further solidifies the relationship between the U.S. Navy to our Jacksonville community.

As her award letter so eloquently states, "your efforts significantly enhanced and improved the local communities in which you serve and positively impacted lives while setting a shining example for those you led."

Alexis J. Brothers (USN)

Ardice (Ardy) Wilson

Ardy is retired and has been volunteering with PSMJax for more than 2 years.


Coming in to sort clothing is part of her daily routine. She normally sorts clothing for at least 2 hours a day.


Ardy originally started volunteering with PSM as part of our partnership with Seniors on A Mission.


Ardy really helps our Clothing with Purpose tremendously and we are lucky to have her.

Ardy Wilson
Jeanne Edenzon
Marjorie Steeves

Jeanne Edenzon and Marjorie Steeves

Jeanne and Marjorie are both recently retired and work as a team.

Jeanne found our sorting opportunity on the United Way website and started helping in clothing in November 2019. In January 2020 she convinced Marjorie to join her.


They normally come in once a week for about 4 hours and can sort a large amount of items while they are here. Their help in getting some of our corporate donations into inventory is significant. We are so glad you give of your time and energy to PSM!

Don Downing

When Don, one of PSM's board members, is in town he will come in once a week (as his time permits) to help out.


It is great to see one of our board members take an active role as a volunteer. Thank you Don for serving in so many ways!

Don Downing

Cheryl Brooks

Cheryl is retired, and an active board member at Florida Christian Center (FCC).

When PSMJax helped deliver meals (provided by Seniors on A Mission through Feeding Northeast Florida) at FCC, she wanted to get involved with PSMJax after she heard about the work we are doing.

She started volunteering in May 2020. Not only has she helped in the clothing department but she also voluntarily repainted the whole kitchen area, which desperately needed it. Thank you for doing all that you do to further the PSMJax mission!

Cheryl Brooks
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