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The Team: Staff

The Team: Staff

Teri holds a dual Master’s degree from Webster University in Management and Leadership and Human Resources Development. Teri’s work has always been within the underserved communities, lending them a voice and empowering them to be better versions of themselves. Teri leverages extensive nonprofit experience working with diverse communities for economic and cultural advancement through partnerships and collaborative achievements.


Teri was born and raised in Michigan, relocated to Florida in 1990 and has been in Jacksonville since 1998. Teri’s leisure activities include travel, the beaches, shopping, and if you know her - living PINK.

Teri (Small).png

Teri Ketchum

Chief Executive Officer

Karen is a native of Jacksonville and is very active in her community. She is a graduate of Jacksonville University with a major in Social Science.


Her leisure activities include coaching Cheer-leading and Dance, traveling, shopping, and spending time with her family.

Karen (Small).png

Karen Thomas

Director of Housing

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Neil is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Clothing with Purpose program including volunteer coordination, inventory management, and collaborating with PSM's partner agencies.

Neil’s professional career covers various sectors of industry, including access control, security, loss control prevention, and chemical testing; in a blend of positions, including installations, service, technical training, sales, and customer relations. Accounts Neil has worked with include Fortune 500 companies and various state governments.

Neil was born in South Africa, immigrated to the USA in 1997, and became a citizen in 2008. He lived in Ohio and North Carolina before moving to the Jacksonville area in 2013. Neil enjoys working on complex mechanical things, being outdoors, attending live music events, good conversations with interesting people, and being able to help people.

Neil Claasen

Director of Logistics


There is nothing that Florida native Deidre M. Lane, M.E.d., is more passionate about than her family and her community.  She is dedicated to serving her community by advocating for people who have felt marginalized, oppressed, and are fighting to be treated with dignity and respect.

For nearly 17 years now, Ms. Lane has been a culturally responsive leader, spokesperson, community builder, team developer, coach, and facilitator.  As a diversity and inclusion practitioner, Ms. Lane has had many experiences in various religious, nonprofit, government, and educational sectors. Along with this work, Ms. Lane also mentor’s youth and young adults, helping them explore their beliefs and values to broaden their lenses on living inclusively.  When asked why she does many things, Ms. Lane constantly alludes to the inner peace and joy that supporting and encouraging others brings to her spirit.

Working in one of her various roles within her community, Ms. Lane has always inspired others to expand their lens. By looking past their view and biases, people of all differences could find the secret to working with others who share different beliefs within themselves.  Her philosophy was once you support and empower individuals, you give them the tools and resources they need to become their best selves.  Ms. Lane believes this is what helps people to experience mutual and individual success.

Currently, Ms. Lane is pursuing a Professional Doctoral degree specializing in Education Leadership and Management.  Her motto is the 3’ D’s: Dream, Dedication, and Determination. Have a dream, dedicate yourself to the purpose and be determined and relentless in seeing it through.

Deidre (Small).png

Deidre Lane

Family Advocate

Jo was born and raised in the Philippines where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a CPA.


While in the Philippines she worked for the largest bank for 11 years.

She migrated from the Philippines to California where she worked for a jewelry company for 16 years and a part time job as a tax preparer at H&R Block. She also studied at the Glendale Community College in Glendale, CA.

Later she moved to Florida and has been with PSM for 5 years now. She’s a detailed oriented, loyal person with the “get the job done” attitude.

She believes that because she is blessed, therefore she should bless others too. Through the help of PSM, she was able to accomplish her dream of giving back to her country by donating clothes to the less fortunate.

Outside of work she enjoys baking bread and sweets, is active at her Church and enjoys watching Korean dramas in her spare time.

Jo 1 (Small).png

Josephine Mamangun

Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Adventina is a Tanzanian born legal practitioner turned communications practitioner with 8 years of experience.

She has worked for numerous entities such as a daily TV show, a sports company, an advertising agency, a university, multiple non-profit organizations, and a church.

Adventina is skilled in public relations, social media marketing, video production, photography, and developing overall communication strategies.

“Working for a company or an organization whose mission is people focused and promotes the well-being of a community, drives me to work harder and fuels my passion for communication.”


"PSMJax’s social media footprint excelled under the leadership of Adventina Kiyeyeu. She scripted, recorded, and edited all of the videos you see on PSM's YouTube channel including many other pictures you will see sprinkled throughout all of our sites. Adventina’s expertise and guidance have greatly enhanced our virtual reach and we couldn’t have done it without her."

-- Teri Ketchum, CEO

Adventina (Mobile)a.png

Adventina John

Social Media Manager

The Team: Board of Directors

The Team: Board of Directors

Board Chair

Theresa Tippins

Board Secretary

Denise Judd


Board Treasurer

Kevin Tuck

Synovus Bank

Don Downing

Retired City Planner

Paul Bell
Development Officer

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please click

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