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Dan Simerlink passed away on January 19th, 2022. PSMJax played an intricate role in Dan's ministry to the homeless, and it's something that he was very blessed by!

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Below is a short summary about Dan and how we were able to partner in ministry, even though it was so brief. Below is a link to Dan's testimony of God's provision for the homeless during Christmas, which he shared shortly before his passing. Thank you both for blessing him and us so much!

On November 3rd, 2021, Bella and I were given Dan Simerlink’s contact information by our church. We reached out to him under the impression that he needed our help with the homeless outreaches he was doing in Jacksonville Beach. It turned out, he actually wanted to help us! 

Dan said he had been doing fundraising independently, and most of his donors were people who had hearts to help the poor. I told him that we would appreciate if he and his team could put together 50 care packages, which we would distribute at our homeless outreach in downtown Jacksonville on December 18th. I sent him the list of contents that would go inside, and within a few weeks he was able to get together with Devin and Mara Weiss (and their two daughters) and assemble the 50 care packages for us! Bella and I met Dan for breakfast shortly before our outreach to get the items, and we were both amazed by God’s provision and His divine connection! Dan also blessed our outreach ministry with the leftover cash from the fundraising that he did, which was beyond our expectations.

At our meeting, he shared that the Mission House in Jacksonville Beach was in need of hoodies for the homeless during that time, but they would normally not get those until February, which is towards the end of the cold season here. After giving it a thought for a few days, and told Dan I would contact the Presbyterian Social Ministries, who had generously helped us in the past by donating used clothing for our homeless outreach. The Director of Clothing with Purpose at PSM, Neil Claasen, was very eager to help us meet this need, and within a short time, we arranged for Dan to pick up 100 brand new hoodies to distribute to the homeless in Jacksonville Beach! This was definitely an answer to prayer for Dan! In addition to hoodies, he also received many other items that PSM so generously offered him. Although he got very ill shortly thereafter, when he felt better, Dan was able to distribute those hoodies and other items by Christmas! God’s supernatural provision and the way He connected our ministries moved both his and our hearts in a very deep way.


At the end of December, Dan wrote up and shared his testimony about his amazing journey of being called to serve the homeless, and how just one coat he gave to a homeless woman turned into 100 brand new hoodies! Dan was so touched by this experience that it brought tears to his eyes every time he reflected upon it.

Dan was a devoted servant of God and will be remembered with the same love, generosity, and honor with which he treated others.


Bella Lamm and Neolla Hanekom, New Life Outreach Mission

Dan's testimony

Dan Simerlink
Department of the Navy
Office of Mayor Lenny Curry
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