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I want to thank the 2019 Campaign class at UNF for selecting PSM for their class project. The results they provided help us focus more on our social media presence and the addition to our PSM logo:

I also want to thank the architects of the new website. The website committee is a group of volunteers with a unique set of complementary skillset. They are:

Victor Kruger

Lynette Chelley

Adventina John

Tracey Kyles

Bill David


Thank you to the event committee, another group of volunteers who are instrumental for PSM’s first-ever annual virtual fundraiser.

Charita Bryant

Nancy Armstrong

Victor Kruger

Deidre Lane

Chandra Theodore

Bill David


Ed Perez, CEO Three Grains of Rice, is one of PSM past Board Members, and is always finding ways to link PSM to other resources in the community. Whether it’s kitchen and food items for our housing residents or Zoo tickets for the families with children – he is always helping further our mission of serving those in need. Thank you Ed!

Another thank you to all of our clothing volunteers, without whom, we wouldn’t be as organized as we are.

Thank you to everyone who is helping make PSM a force of good in the community.

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