PSM is the highway connecting those who have to those who need.


We are the connector. We get it. We give it.


Those who have (funders, individual donors, corporate partners, and foundations) provide the means for PSM to offer programs for the general good of the community.


Those who need (local, national, and global partner agencies as well as individuals) receive this generosity via the various PSM programs.


Home Safe

Home Safe: a permanent supportive housing program partially funded through a HUD grant that provides housing to 60 previously chronic homeless households. The program has served over 300 clients throughout Jacksonville since 2005 by providing safe housing while empowering them with the opportunity to regain control of their lives. We offer case management support & assist them with finding employment or receiving benefits, & when appropriate, and direct them to rehabilitation programs when deemed necessary.


In 2019, PSM Home Safe program included 3 families with children. 12 are employed, 22 are receiving SS benefits, 5 are on the PSM's Advisory Board, 2 are currently enrolled in school and 1 volunteers at another local nonprofit.

In the 2020-2021 time frame, our most challenging period, the pandemic couldn’t stop us from our work. The housing programs served a total of 64 previously homeless individuals. 91% of them stayed housed within the year.

Clothing with Purpose


We gather, sort & redistribute clothing to other nonprofit organizations locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. Over 300,000 pieces of clothing with a monetary value of over $600,000 are collected, sorted, & dispersed annually. We partner with other agencies that serve different populations including prenatal mothers, individuals coming out of prison looking for employment, college men practicing interviewing skills, health fairs, local clothing giveaways & even a direct partnership with The Giving Closet Project who works within the public school system to stock a clothing closet that guidance counselors & teachers can access when they see a child in need.


Urban Mission Experience

Our flagship program provided room and board at a reasonable rate to mission groups, youth groups, and other volunteers coming to Jacksonville to do community service work.

UME consists of dorms that slept 42 people. Space includes bathrooms, showers, a shared kitchen, laundry, and even wi-fi.

Unfortunately, groups are no longer traveling on mission trips because of the pandemic and there is not enough space to social distance properly.

Time to rethink. We repurposed 3 big rooms with 22 bunks to 3 big rooms for individual or coupled occupants.

We turned the 3 dorm rooms into mini apartments. Each one private to the others with personal entries.

AmeriCorps members have already taken advantage of the new arrangement.

If you have any single individual who needs short-term space in Jacksonville, contact us for more details.

It is safe. It works. It helps.


You can donate to this program by clicking here. All donations are used to cover the expenses of this program. Once UME’s obligations are covered, extra goes to providing clothing to those in need, which you can read more about here.