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The Team: Funders

The Team: 2023 Funders


Photo on VisualHunt

Cavan Foundation

City of Jacksonville

Community Foundation

The Lucy Gooding Charitable Foundation Trust

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

The Thomas M. Kirbo and Irene B. Kirbo Charitable Foundation

The Team: Donors

The Team: 2020 Donors


Teri Ketchum
James Langer
Judith Ratcliffe
Synovus Bank

$5000 and above

Dell - Your Cause

$1000 - $4999

Dwight and Sarah Bayley

Don and Jan Downing

John and Jean Grant-Dooley

Brian and Stephanie Krug

Jeff Meyer

​Ed and Jo Pratt-Dannals

Sherrick Gilbert

David and Diane Tuttle

$500 - $999

$100 - $499

$1 - $99

Photo credit: on VisualHunt

Amazon Smile
Alexis Brothers
Marean Brenda
Charita Bryant
Roy Carter
Mark David Clark
Deidre Lane
Monty Duncan

Melissa Furman
Mitch and Julie Linneman
Samantha Mason

Greg Mejia
Elaine Mitchum
Network For Good
Palpay Giving

Brandi Paul
Earle Sickles
Kevin Stokes
Chandra Theodore
Karen Thomas
Theresa Tippins
Aaron and Kamala Williams

Amacker Controls
Nancy Armstrong
James Blanton
Brianna Gill

Bruce and Debbi Carter
Lynette Chelley

Andrew Clarke

Michael Cochran

James Crooks

Bill David


Dorothy Dornblaser

Jeanette Hoffman
Victor Kruger
Lane Architecture
Rebecca Langer

Melissa Maiden
James and Linda Pellot

Arceli Sevelius

Terramar Surveys

Cookiee Thornton

Michael Williams

Ardice Wilson

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